• 5-HT is just serotonin, u can call me Hydro

  • dttwt + :)twt

  • I do fanart/ little animations (u can use them with credit)

  • 20+ || any pronouns

  • my goal is to be the best dream stan

  • I'm a brown hair truther pls don't hate me :(

  • I stongly dislike dandelions for obvious reasons

if ur cool:

  • feel free to dm me for whatever reason

  • I don't do commissions but if u have an amazing idea u want me to draw dm me (or like an art exchange)

  • dm me if I do/say some stupid shit or follow stange ppl

  • like hold me accountable and all that

I feel like dni's don't work, bc ppl who u don't want to interact wont care :/

if ur a dream anti:

  • pls don't interact with my fanart/ posts, I'll just ignore + block u

  • if you wanna discuss/argue in a civil way, feel free to dm me

  • if you just wanna send hate also feel free to dm me (pls be creative tho)

idk I feel like this is a win/win deal

anyways! look at these <3